New Frontiers Behavioral Health Truman Medical Center

I have been invited to sing for the New Frontiers Behavioral Health Facility of Truman Medical Center. I am excited about the opportunity as I get to utilize my music in a highly therapeutic environment. In addition, at a recent concert, I was asked by a small hospital in Kansas to perform at their picnic. They have a population of mental health patients. The director said, “patients would love your style of playing as it is engaging and comforting.”
I am looking forward to both these opportunities. I think they will be rewarding experiences. I have provided a link here for those of you interested in evidence based research on music and mental health. This article deals with schizophrenia and the benefit of music therapy

I have never forgotten my mental health instructor in college and what she told us this during our psychiatric rotation: “Just remember, there are many more mentally ill people on the outside of these walls than on the inside.” Many families are touched by mental illness and not everyone is getting the treatment they need. It is great to know there are people who can help. New Frontiers is a facility dedicated to mental health and helping hurting individuals and their families get the support and tools they need to live healthier lives!

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