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I like music and I like words. When I put music and words together I end up having a really great time, and it’s been something I’ve enjoyed for most of my life.

I was deeply affected by music growing up in San Francisco. As I grew older I found myself mesmerized by rock and roll and the idea of making music with a guitar. My family moved to the Midwest but my ideas and desire to make music continued. My dad bought me a cheap guitar when I was twelve. I took a few lessons and set it aside. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I took playing the guitar seriously and it was wed to an intense spiritual journey. I found a reason to sing and would rise early in the morning to practice the chords of songs in the music books I was collecting. My dad and step mother used the term “banging on my guitar.” I thought of it as playing.

Over the next several years music remained an integral part of my life: through college, marriage, children, and an unfortunate divorce – music and words has been a mainstay.  People often ask me, “What is that song about?”  I ask them in return, “What does it mean to you?” for the interpretation of any particular piece of music is a very personal experience and finding meaning is part of the joy of listening. It is also a corporate experience; the musician and the audience share a relationship during a show. Both are interpreters and in some ways both are the performers – especially if the performer is interactive .

On Practicing

There are a couple of ways to learn an instrument: you take lessons or you teach yourself. I taught myself; a characteristic that bleeds into many other areas of my life. I should qualify that I have been inspired by many other players. And it’s the day in and out practice that makes you good at your craft. As time progressed I became good enough to play in church – a nice start. It became obvious to me that I had a penchant for songwriting and performing that could engage people and help them think deeply about life while they were also being entertained. I also had a penchant to make others laugh….life is often a very serious proposition full of change and challenges and the trip can get pretty wild.  Joy and laughter are good medicine.

About Performing

I’ve been told that I’m a good entertainer. What I find is that if I’m having a great time it rubs off on the audience. The key to performing is having fun and communicating thoughts and feelings to your audience who watch and listen. The fun I have entertaining also enters into another passion of mine: teaching. I am a Registered Nurse by profession and a nursing educator. As an instructor it’s important to have fun with your students as you instruct. Studies show if your students are having fun they learn better. For me, students are also an inspiration.  My second CD, Ruby Slippers, is dedicated to them. But no matter what I have done in my life, I continually gravitate to my guitar, songwriting, and entertaining. Thus, I have given in to my passion, and entertaining is now a seminal part of my journey and I couldn’t be more happy or thankful for the opportunities that have opened up as I have stepped out onto this road in a committed way.

Using the gifts we have been given is a concept that can be seen in many of my songs. In Ruby Slippers, our gifts lead us home. In Let It Come to You, life is seen as a gift waiting to be received. In the Best is Yet to Come, life and time are marching on. Life is not stagnant and we readjust our sails, which sets us up to experience new gifts!

Music is a fantastic vehicle for sharing thoughts, ideas, and emotions and I look forward to sharing my music with you. Thank you for listening!

Best Regards Always,

Stephanie Glenn

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